The social media space in 2017 drastically evolved and continues to change. Twitter amplified political tensions on both sides, Facebook began to fight fake news, and everyone shamelessly copied Snapchat. Instagram continues to be my go-to app – I love looking through trending hashtags and I’m always inspired by independent photographers, streetwear fashion influencers, and freelance graphic designers. Below are some of my favorite Instagram accounts.

@simple.fits: Pinterest would be jealous of this account. Such a cool collection of streetwear clothes and brands that will inspire you to flip your wardrobe upside down.
@skyframes: What a mastery of the pastel, the transcendental, and the surreal!
@overheardnewyork: While these quotes range from sarcastic to poignant, they are always somehow poetically honest.
@candyminimal: A feast for the eyes and the imagination. Anyone with a digital art background will start to drool.
@minimalmovement: Great compilation of casual fashion and melodramatic urban shots. Seamlessly captures both genres.
@_art_psycho: It’s a trip. Alice in Wonderland artwork crossed with crass South Park humor.

Some sneaker inspo.

Big mood.

“The cold smell of potato mould, the squelch and slap… Of soggy peat, the curt cuts of an edge … Through living roots awaken in my head… But I’ve no spade to follow men like them…

…Between my finger and my thumb… The squat pen rests… I’ll dig with it.” – “Digging” by Seamus Heaney, one of my favorite poems of all time.

“Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.”

Although “Blade Runner: 2049” was a pleasant surprise, nothing will beat the original film. To me, no other movie can look as perfect as the first “Blade Runner.” It’s an immersive and visceral experience that acts as both a cautionary tale about the dangers of artificial intelligence and an analysis of man, nature, and civilization.

These animated GIFs showcase this iconic sci-fi film’s dystopian world. You can definitely tell how the film continues to influence today’s most famous anime shows, comic books, and video games. Being a huge pop culture nerd, it’s no surprise that “Blade Runner” catapulted my passion for modern cinema and digital media. Listen to one of my favorite tracks from the movie here:

“Elements” is a short art-house film created by Maxim Zhestkov. “Elements” redefines our life experiences by challenging and recreating what it means to think, to feel, and to behave. I’m in love with Zhestkov’s simple yet striking imagery; the film portrays the human condition so seamlessly.

I came across this film because I’ve been a fan of Zhestkov’s previous work. His Instagram feed and portfolio divulge a wide range of clean and minimalistic computer graphics and digital art. Check out the film here:

Veganism isn’t just another diet “fad” or “trend.” Being vegan means completely altering your views on health, animal welfare, and the environment. Educating myself on the alarmingly lethal impact an animal-based diet can have on my life (obesity, cancer, hormonal imbalance) and the impending dangers of climate change caused by animal agriculture motivated me to stay away from all foods that have tampered or disrupted any animal’s life.

Of course, transitioning to veganism is challenging, but I’ve honestly grown to love vegan food, both raw and cooked. It’s fascinating how easily our taste buds can develop and change over time. I first removed dairy, eggs, and honey, and then slowly eliminated meat groups like chicken, beef, pork, and, finally, fish. Sushi was especially hard to exclude, lol. My meals usually consist of organic black beans, rice, vegetables, potatoes, tofu, and seeds. (Side note: the RDA for protein is only .36g per pound. We really don’t need to consume that much protein! Focus on complex carbs, instead.)

And the benefits are wonderful. I have better digestion, more energy, and clearer skin. While I definitely respect all types of diets, I feel so passionate about sharing my positive experiences with veganism. This lifestyle has made me reexamine how I can offer a true helping hand to our planet.

Just because lol. I really, really like this GIF since it portrays the physics of colors so creatively. My STEM background may not be focused on this particular subject, but I still love reading about colors:

Thank God it’s Friday.

It’s New York Fashion Week:

“All through August and September… thousands, maybe… tens of thousands, of feathered creatures pass through this place and I almost never see…a single one.” – “Invisible Creatures” by David Budbill.

Oh, shit. Kans Largerfield collabs with one of my favorite sneaker brands of all time, good ol' Vans. Check out the drop here:

My family has hundreds of scratched polaroids. After my 21st birthday, I realized I was (already) becoming nostalgic… understanding their adventures and their struggles as Asian-Americans in the late 70s and early 80s was so eye-opening.

My creativity kicked in, and I wanted to create an even more “vintage” look to these polaroids. I first take a picture of the polaroids through my iPhone (less quality is more here; use the flash so you can really see all of the scratches and flaws that rest on the polaroid).

Then, I play around with one of my favorite iOS apps, Afterlight. You can sift through so many cool vintage filters that give your picture a “burning” or a “dusty" effect. I save the photo, and then transfer all of them to Adobe Photoshop. Using those filters on Afterlight, I create new brushes, decrease the contrast, and then modify certain metrics and variables.

This track has been on repeat for a couple of weeks. The mellow beats and the simple lyrics (“You see me fighting … Falling down like heavy rain”) give off a groovy, yet chill vibe. Listen to it here:

Consumers immediately judge products and services by the visual identity of brands. Colors, shapes, fonts, and empty space all sculpt our emotional connectivity to the brand, and, ultimately, affect our decision to buy or to not buy. I think companies neglect the power of visuals. By underestimating our natural response to judge and to feel, we are widening the gap between technology and art:

Fall is coming up, and that also means hypebeast (and “bot”) season for raving Supreme fans. I’m definitely going to try to cop the Patchwork Hoodie and Sweatpants:

My summer is ending way too soon. When in doubt… vacation.

Hey MTV, and welcome to Alexander Wang’s crib. One of my favorite fashion designers, Alexander Wang, gives us an inside look at his incredibly sleek, minimalistic apartment in NYC. The dark and elegant hues emulate both intimacy and modernism:

If I want to use a filter on a photo or a video, I always check out editing apps that have different types of “glitch" effects. It’s like a combination of vintage and cyberpunk and makes cool pictures look even cooler.